Hide your IP True and Stay Safe When you browse the Internet, you can 'footprints' everywhere but this does not occur when you use a proxy online. Some people want to harm and stealing their details and with the help of a proxy server, you can prevent this from happening. You can ensure that you are untraceable and all the sites you visit can not be tracked back to you.
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Filtering. The proxy may refuse to answer some requests if it detects that are prohibited.
Modification. As an intermediary that is, a proxy can falsify information, or modify it according to an algorithm.
Security. The proxy server is an additional layer of defense and therefore protects web servers.
Savings. Only one user (the proxy) must be prepared to do the actual work. To be prepared to say that is the only thing that needs the resources to do that functionality. Examples of resources needed to make the feature may be the ability and logical computer or external network address (IP).
Control. Only the broker does the actual work, therefore can limit and restrict the rights of users and give permissions only to the proxy.
Speed. If multiple clients will ask for the same resource, the proxy can cache: save the response of a request to give it another user directly when prompted. So do not have to reconnect with the destination, and just faster.

Web Application Proxy

Its operation is based on an HTTP / HTTPS proxy, but in this case the user accessed from the web browser to the service manually through a Web Application. That HTTP server, the intermediary, through a URL receives the request, access the web server and returns the requested content within their own page.